How Dysport® Works

Over time, the muscles above and between the eyebrows repeatedly contract and tighten, causing wrinkles. But, with just 1 injection into each of 5 points between and over the eyebrows, Dysport® blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, ultimately resulting in a reduction of muscle activity and temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines.

Common side effects

The most common side effects of Dysport® treatment are nose and throat irritation, headache, injection site pain, injection site skin reaction, upper respiratory tract infection, eyelid swelling, eyelid drooping, sinus inflammation, and nausea. You should wait at least 90 days between Dysport® treatments.

Why choose Dysport®

If you’re serious about treating your frown lines, talk to your doctor about Dysport®. It may just be the right treatment option for temporarily improving moderate to severe frown lines.

A step-by-step guide to Dysport® treatment*

When considering any kind of aesthetic treatment, it’s important to understand as much as possible about the procedure, and what you can expect from the results. This useful guide can help you learn more about the Dysport® treatment process, before you discuss it with your doctor.

In general, here’s what you can expect when receiving Dysport® treatments:

The Dysport® treatment consultation

Discuss your expectations with your doctor and whether you have any health conditions or allergies that could interfere with your treatment. It’s your appointment, so don’t hesitate to ask your doctor questions.

The Dysport® treatment

Effective treatment requires 1 injection into each of 5 points between and over the eyebrows. Although office visit times vary, the procedure generally takes 10 to 20 minutes. Your healthcare professional will determine the exact placement of each injection to get results that are right for you.

After your Dysport® treatment

Ask your doctor about any precautions you should take after treatment. Call your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any problems swallowing, speaking, or breathing. If this happens, do not drive a car, operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities.


To maintain your improvements, you should discuss a treatment schedule with your doctor. As with any botulinum toxin product, you should wait at least 90 days between treatments.

*Although the experience described is typical, the general routine at your doctor’s office may differ, and individual results may vary.